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About Us

The Pharmaceutical Society is a voluntary association for pharmacists that is organised, managed and controlled by pharmacists. This means that the strength of the society relies on the involvement of individual members in its branches and sectors. The more members in branches and sectors, the more members involved in the business and professional activities of the society, the stronger the organisation.

The Pharmaceutical Society is the umbrella organisation representing all sectors of pharmacy. Members choose which sectors, according to their daily activities and interest, best suit their careers and professional needs.

The following affiliated associations represent sectors:

  • Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences South Africa

  • South African Association of Community Pharmacists

  • South African Association Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists

  • South African Association of Pharmacists in Industry

  • South African Pharmaceutical Students' Federation

The Society is further divided into 13 regional branches to ensure that all pharmacists can access a branch in their area. ​

The Society and its branches provide liaison and communication channels with central and provincial governments with the view to better understanding and effective cooperation.

The Society, its sectors and branches also provide liaison with medical schemes, related health professions and councils.

The Society provides excellent information and updates on new developments in pharmacy and communicates changes to the laws and regulations governing the profession to its members through journals, websites, newsletters and e-mail.

The Society also deals with complaints from the public.

It supports pharmacy students and members in acquiring prescribed text books and reference works at economical prices.

The Society administers the Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education to adjudicate bursaries to undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students who have demonstrated the need.

Professional development and accredited continuing education.

Cost effective professional indemnity.

Expert industrial relations advice.


  • To promote the professional, education and economic interest of the members of the society and of the pharmaceutical profession.

  • To encourage professional integrity and improve standards of professional conduct of the members of the Society;

  • To promote and maintain the image of pharmacy;

  • To uphold and assist in the promotion and maintenance of the health of the people of South Africa through the provision of a safe dependable pharmaceutical service;

  • In recognising the diversity of the population of South Africa, to promote the representation of all sectors of the South African community in its membership.

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