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Why Join PSSA

It is fairly often that we hear the question : “Why should I become a member of the PSSA? What have they ever done for me?”

The answer of course is that there are MANY benefits. Our motto is:

PSSA – your society working for you!


Pharmacists are very busy professionals; you do not have the time to sift through the loads of information that you are bombarded with daily, or to search for relevant stuff that does not automatically arrive in your inbox…

So the PSSA

keeps you informed, up to date with latest practice requirements via:
newsletters, SAPJ, facebook, branch publications.

Practice guidelines are published on the website and in the SAPJ.

As a pharmacist or pharmacist’s assistant, you need to be informed of international trends in pharmacy...

So the PSSA

provides access to international best practice guidelines through membership of FIP and the CPA.


Pharmacy is a vast multi-sectoral profession, with advancements in all sectors taking place on an almost daily basis, whether it be in legal aspects, biotechnology or drug delivery systems. How can you ensure that you provide the latest and most applicable advice to your patients?

So the PSSA
provides regular CPD sessions both at branch and sector level and via correspondence, conferencing and workshops.

There are times when the profession needs to be represented as whole, not by our statutory body, the SAPC, but by pharmacists with the interests of the pharmacist at heart (think of the pricing regulations, the pending NHI)

So the PSSA

engages with all levels of government and decision makers to present the views, opinions and experiences of pharmacists.


Sometimes you just need an understanding colleague to bounce ideas off….

So the PSSA
provides professional officers bearers who are just a phone call away. Collectively they have more than 100 years experience; a network of knowledgeable and experienced colleagues to call on for confidential advice.

Human resource headache? You need to fix the problem and cannot let it fester…

So the PSSA

has a labour lawyer on tap to provide free labour law advice to members.

Pharmacy Counter

And if the worst (and not so unthinkable) happens, and there is a dispensing error…

So the PSSA

Provides peace of mind in conjunction with PPS through PI insurance! The most cost effective and comprehensive PI is supported by an experienced team that understands pharmacy, is quick to respond and intervene if necessary, and has a rich history of helping pharmacists.

Finally…. the public in general continually needs to be reminded of the value pharmacy professionals add to their health care and general wellbeing,

So the PSSA

Promotes the pharmacy profession whenever possible and observes dedicated health related days, as well as pharmacy month.

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