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Membership of the society facilitates access for the member to
the community of pharmacists in South Africa.
Dependent on your area of interest, the member may affiliate to one
or more of the sectors and the society
Upon joining the society, the pharmacist receives a certificate of membership and he or she is entitled to include MPS after his or her name on documents, denoting membership of the Society.

Three pharmacists

Are you a Pharmacist, Pharmacists Assistant or Intern and interested in becoming a member?

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Are you Interested in our Professional Indemnity Plan*?

*Please note in order to have access to our PIP you will need to be a PSSA member

Professional Services

A major function of the Pharmaceutical Society revolves around the broad subject of professional services. While these services are not overt and visible at all times to the general membership of the profession, they account for a major portion of the Society's activities and have an important bearing on the development of the profession.

The Professional Department of the Society involves the following:

Reviewing and addressing healthcare legislation for example:

  • Medicines and Related Substances Control Act

  • Pharmacy Act

  • National Health Insurance

  • Medical Schemes Act

  • Veterinary Medicines (Act 36)

  • Competition Act

Reviewing and addressing for example:

  • Tariff issues

  • Resolutions from AGMs

  • Permits

  • Postal delivery of medicines

  • Pharmaceutical care

  • Queries from members


Where called upon the Society mediates on issues arising between the public and the member.


The Society also liaises with various organisations including the following:

  • The Pharmacy Council

  • Department of Health

  • Portfolio Committee on Health

  • Ministry of Health

  • Board of Healthcare Funders

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

  • National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • National Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

  • World Health Organisation

  • Medicines Control Council

  • Health Forums

  • Associated Pharmaceutical Organisations – local and overseas

  • Media on pharmaceutical and health matters


The members of the Society receive bi-monthly issues of the SA Pharmaceutical Journal (6 issues) which is the mouthpiece for organised pharmacy. Members are encouraged to use it to express their viewpoints.

Non-members are able to receive the SA Pharmaceutical Journal by paying an annual subscription, plus postage in the case of overborder deliveries.

The member also receives newsletters, addressing important matters which may not have reached the SAPJ in time for publication.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Branches and sectors of the Society, directly or in association with service providers, develop and present continuing education programmes for their members.

Professional Indemnity Plan (PIP)

The practising pharmacist involved in providing pharmaceutical services to the public is in need of Professional Indemnity Insurance. The Pharmaceutical Society's Professional Indemnity Plan provides comprehensive cover for members who take advantage of this service. This service also extends to student members of the Society.

Bursaries (FPE)

Through the Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education the Pharmaceutical Society promotes and administers the availability of bursaries and loans for undergraduate study of pharmacy at recognised institutions in SA from the second year of study onwards. In addition the Foundation also makes bursaries available for postgraduate study in pharmacy related subjects.

Professional Provident Society

As a member of the Pharmaceutical Society, you have the opportunity of applying for membership of the PPS. The PPS offers amongst other benefits provident fund and medical benefit services to its members.

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